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About Coast

Do you need to communicate in a way that has impact? We can help you.

At Coast Communications, our goal is to provide you with results-focussed counsel. Based on our combination of experience and strategic insights, we work as a trusted partner to provide the best value for your organization by integrating communications and public affairs approaches for real impact.

Our approach is simple.

We listen to you, learn about your business and talk about what you need. Then we research your issue to gather the best insights and develop a customized approach. We can design a customized program of any scale – short – or long-term. And if your organization needs support to help put the program into action and measuring its impact, we can help with that too.  

“Our focus is helping achieve your goals. You are more than a client to us – your needs are at the core of everything we do.”  Tamara        

Our Services

Strategic Planning and Support.

Communications planning isn’t rocket science, but it should be based on solid research, insights and intelligence gathering. We can help you with the planning. And we can support you as you implement too.

Event Planning and Announcements.

Planning a conference, VIP reception, press conference, or stakeholder event? We can help you. Successful events can raise your profile, build on your storytelling and deepen 

Media Relations and Media Training.

Do you need media to tell your story? Its still an essential path to getting your message out. We know media - we have worked in and with media and understand the protocols as well as personalities. Do you need to pitch a story out? Or build a full media plan for an event. We have experienced media trainers who have trained Ministers, Premiers and CEOs. 

Issues, Crisis Management and Reputation Management.

Today your organization is more vulnerable to the criticisms by your stakeholders, public and the media then even five years ago. And things happen fast. This is especially true in a crisis, when you can't operate your business as normal. But more often it is an issue that you need to manage, with strategic thinking, best practices and transparency. Facing a challenge? Let us help you.

Public Affairs.

Are you part of government and looking for additional support or a different perspective? Do you want advice and support engaging with government? We can help you.

Coast Communications offers other services such as integrated PR and marketing campaigns, support to Indigenous governments, website and materials development and beyond. We are pleased to now offer video and photography services as well.

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