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COVID-19: Crisis Comms, Privacy Breach and Cyber Attack Planning: the N95 Mask for Your Corporate Reputation

October 7th 2020

Each organization - be it a private company, a government or not-for-profit - has different corporate reputational risks. But because we are all essentially digital organizations as well, there are two risks we all share: the risks of a privacy breach or cyber attack.

Criminals are noting that a global pandemic may create just enough distraction to strike with success on either front. 

For those whose business IS responding to COVID-19 - health care, essential services, government - this is not the time to have to manage another crisis caused by a breach. And for those unfortunate businesses just hanging on by a thread, well a privacy breach or cyber attack could just push them over the edge into doom, undermining their customer’s trust and draining their remaining cash reserves.

When we started our crisis comms, privacy and cybersecurity practice in 2018 we saw two types of clients: the ones who planned and the ones who didn’t. Why didn't they plan? Because they had not classified the risk as high enough impact or likelihood and didn’t spend the time planning and mitigating. For those clients - who we only meet after a crisis has struck - the blows were definitely harder.  

We hope this special edition of our COVID-19 Update helps you consider how to protect yourself and mitigate a risk to your corporate reputation.

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- Tamara Little, Ale Brown and Dominic Vogal