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Privacy and cyber breaches and crisis communications

Cyber threats. Privacy breaches. Social media hacks. How can this affect your share price, employees, business, brand and reputation? And how do you prevent, prepare and manage it if it happens?

We have partnered with privacy and data management expert Ale Brown at Kirke Management Consulting and cyber security expert Dominic Vogel at Cyber.SC to offer support to our clients - before they are breached as well as if it happens. 

Customized workshop:

  • Regulations regarding privacy & data management, including requirements such as GDPR (EU) and Canadian mandatory breach reporting
  • Trends in privacy and data management, crisis communications response
  • Typical privacy and data management breaches and cyber threats
  • Best practices for privacy and data management and core elements of an effective privacy program
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Crisis communications and planning
  • Social media and why your online reputation matters
  • Risk identification session to review your current practices, gaps and identify potential threats, and validate what is working

Communications advice and support:

  • Crisis communications preparedness audit
  • Crisis communications plan development
  • Crisis communications support in the event of a cyber attack
  • Breach or any other incident that can negatively impact your reputation
Our partners:

Privacy and Data Management - Ale BrownKirke Management Consulting

  • Full report on your privacy risks and how to manage the
  • Table top exercise with a true-to-business scenario
  • Breach management process
  • Privacy program management
  • Chief privacy officer on demand
  • Read Ale's op-ed in The Province on privacy and business impacts

Cyber Security - Dominic Vogel, Cyber.SC

  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Cyber security officer on demand
  • Security Testing and Assessment 
  • Read an article about Dominic's work in the Vancouver Sun