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Data-driven PR - integrated public relations and marketing campaigns

Today’s complex world means you have to integrate marketing and paid social programs with your public relations and public affairs campaigns. You have to amplify to break through the noise and capitalize on reaching your audiences. But it has to be based on data!

We can develop an integrated campaign to help attain your goals. We understand how social media works and how to measure its impact to maximize value. We are data-driven, which means we research and assess the information on what is happening and how you are achieving your goals as a core element of our practice. We work with Laura Cropper to help develop your marketing program, bringing a creative approach, and Another Blank Page to make sure the vision comes to life in your brand, website and all materials.  Let us help you.

  • Data visualization using Tableau to gain deep insights on your audiences and issues
  • Content planning
  • Social media audits
  • Measurement programs and workshops
  • Social media program analysis
  • Newsletter content and engagement analysis