Coast Communications and its associates can help you with your communications and public affairs needs. Call us. We can help you.

Two-way engagement and listening is increasingly essential for organizations, governments and projects. But you need to know what you are consulting on, to what degree you want to use that input, and use best practices to determine the tactics. Do you need an open house? Maybe - but let us help you do the plan and figure out the best tactics and then support you to get the best outcomes.

We are trained in the International Association of Public Participation model of consultation and are experienced in designing and supporting programs at every scale in both the public and private sectors.

Services include:

• Planning and developing consultation programs

• Helping you determine what specific consultation objectives you have - the questions to ask the community/stakeholders

• Supporting tactics such as consultation guides, open houses, online engagement and surveys, website design

• Stakeholder mapping and engagement

• Issues identification

• Develop and support communications programs to inform the community about what you are asking for input on

• Facilitation support

• Media and message training