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Adding Video for Impact

February 21st 2018

We all know that video is a powerful communications tool. It captures our imagination, quickly evokes emotion and replaces pages of text.

So why don’t PR and public affairs professionals use it more? Because it still feels complicated, expensive and time consuming.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! And, you don’t have to resort to poor quality iPhone video to get there. There is a new model: high quality, cost-effective video that can be used in multiple formats.

Coast Communications has added a videographer and photographer to our team of Associates – Eric Brunt is a talented UBC-trained visual storyteller who has a proven track record of producing videos with Coast Communications quickly and cost-effectively.

Eric is a videographer and photographer, but considers himself primarily a storyteller. He works with Coast Communications' clients to develop the find the right visuals to tell the story for the public, whatever platform it is for. Click here for a recent example of Eric and Tamara's collaboration on a political video. 

5 easy ways to integrate video into your PR program today:

  1. Events – if you have social media and/or a website, its easy to add video to your story about your event, be it a media announcement, conference or special event.
  2. Executive profile – do you have new executive member? Leverage them to tell the story of their commitment to your sector and help your audience get to know them, and you. We can even create an engaging video from a speech.
  3. Crisis management – we all know the case of the Maple Leaf CEO video. But why don’t we do it more? Don’t let the media frame your issue, tell your own story. Quickly.
  4. Project overviews – remember the days of complex fly overs and videos that took months? That is over. A simple series of interview-based + B roll videos can tell the story of your project effectively and cheaply.
  5. Social media story telling – According to Forbes adding a video link to a newsletter increases click through by 200-300%? And 84% of organizations use video already. Stay in the game and get filming!

Do you need help integrating video storytelling into your organization? Call us. We can help. 604.767.0207.