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COVID-19 — What You Need to Know: April 24

April 24th 2020

Status Update as of April 24: 4:00 PM PST:
  • 29 new positive cases since April 23
  • 1,853 total positive cases in B.C.
  • 96 people are currently in hospital, 41 are in ICU
  • 4 new deaths for a total of 98 deaths total
  • 1,114 have fully recovered

Recent Government Announcements:


Province of B.C.
City of Vancouver
  • The City of Vancouver is seeking donations of items such as: bottled water, disposable cutlery and take-out containers for those in need and without homes. You can donate through the City of Vancouver's donation portal, "Give a Hand Vancouver"

Deloitte and Salesforce recently partnered to create an infographic package for business leaders regarding the upcoming economic climate. Their COVID-19 Insights for business leaders can be accessed here

Coast Communications, Kirke Consulting and CyberSC joined forces to create a special edition of the COVID-19 Updates, featuring issues related to cyber attacks, privacy breaches and crisis communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Head to our COVID-19 Updates Page in case you missed it!

Coast Communications and COVID-19
We have been supporting clients to plan for and manage internal and external communications since before the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in B.C. If you need issues or crisis support related to the COVID-19 pandemic or other issues, call us at 604.767.0207. For more information visit